Health, Motivation and Compassion; A Training Program that excels 

Handling a workout regime while managing a work life, can be a tough deal. To make life a little more manageable, the team From Fire Up has devised a way to combine them. Now you really can have the best of everything. By training with your colleagues in a relaxed social atmosphere you can reap the benefits of healthy exercise and nutrition as our sessions are catered. Think of it as a sweaty business meeting with friends.

There doesn’t have to be a choice between a work out and a relaxed delicious lunch because we combine them so all you have to do is participate and enjoy the transformation, both physically and emotionally. Our program and trainers have developed our sessions in a way that fosters a caring and nurturing approach and not that of military basic training. We know that encouragement, commitment and compassion are the best ingredients to achieving our clients’ goals.

Our training programs are focused and designed to achieving the goals of our valued partners. Our outdoor corporate fitness services in Sydney have varied workout routines that can either help your employees relax and alleviate work stress in a healthy way or up the stakes and provide a high intensity boot camp style session.

Our services are one of a kind with the latest equipment and a trained staff to help you no matter what fitness level you are. Our packages are designed to promote teamwork along with educating our clients on living a healthy lifestyle. The long term benefit of adapting to our designed routine is increased energy and productivity at your workplace. Once completing only a handful of sessions your staff will begin to feel the difference and improvements in staff morale will become quickly apparent also. It’s what we like to call at Fire Up a “Win/Win” scenario!

Our corporate training solutions aim to educate and inspire your employees to alter their daily routine. Some benefits for coming on board with our fitness programs are,

  • Healthier Employees
  • Improved Productivity
  • Decreased Absenteeism
  • Positive Workplace Attitude
  • Energized Atmosphere