Why choose Fire Up Corporate Fitness?

In Australia, the world of work can take up an enormous chunk of our lives. During the 1980s, our Government set a guideline working week of 38 hours, which has since been reduced to 37, in an effort to give Aussies a fairer work/life balance. Even so, during these austere times, up to one-third of Australians willingly work for a staggering 48 hours per week, often unpaid. Why?

A report by the Australian Institute found that the country’s full-time workforce are working some 58 million overtime hours per year without recompense, with one in five employees not fully happy with their job situation – but insecurity and ridiculously unrealistic demands from the hierarchy means they often stay at the office long after the sun has set.

This is something that Fire Up Corporate Fitness can’t change, but one of our key aims is to ensure that Australia’s workers keep a high semblance of fitness and good nutrition, no matter how many hours they spend at their desk. 

Fitness can aid productivity in the workplace

At Fire Up Corporate Fitness, we’re strong believers in the notion that a fit body can equate to a fit mind. Keeping up a regular exercise regime can mean that you’ll return to your workstation each morning fully refreshed and focused on the task at hand. Let’s face it, sitting for eight to 10 hours a day isn’t healthy for anyone, but it doesn’t begin and end there. Even when the working day is done, many of us feel too exhausted to even think about paying a visit to the gym, or to cook a good, nutritious meal – it’s a night in front of the television with a microwaved pepperoni pizza.

To this end, almost 70 per cent of Australians aren’t undertaking anywhere near enough physical activity, according to Exercise and Sports Science Australia – an astonishing figure, and one that a sport-obsessed nation such as Australia should try to reduce. This is what we at Fire Up would love to help with, which is why we have developed a range of corporate fitness classes in Sydney for you and your colleagues to try out.

With Fire Up Corporate Fitness, you and your workmates can exercise in the calming, tranquil surroundings of Hyde Park or the Domain under a managed, yet flexible timetable over your lunch hour – which must surely be more enticing than spending your break answering yet more emails or fielding phone calls. Our corporate fitness programmes are tailor-made to benefit the typical Australian office worker, so don’t shy away from signing up if you’re under the impression that our trainers will yell their lungs out at you for an extra 30 press-ups like a scene from Full Metal Jacket – we care deeply for our clients, and want to nurture them into something better – we’ll treat you like the adult you are.

What sets Fire Up Corporate Fitness apart?

Each of our packages are designed to foster a decent level of fitness to Australia’s workforce, regardless of their starting point. We aren’t just about working out, though – when you exercise with your colleagues, you’ll develop a sense of camaraderie, teamwork and feeling of togetherness akin to that of family and friends, rather than plain old work acquaintances. This can help improve workplace attitude, will help productivity levels and fill your workplace with lean, fit employees. 

Additionally, at each session, you’ll receive a healthy lunch that contains all the wholesome, nutritious goodness that your body needs to function at optimum levels, so why not get in touch with Fire Up Corporate Fitness today and see what we can do for you and your business?