How can Fire Up Corporate Fitness build your business’ team spirit?

Have you ever considered how important building a sense of team spirit and fostering a sense of togetherness could be for your firm’s employees?

The answer, in no uncertain terms, is an unequivocal very.

Take a look at it this way – according to Carnegie Management Group, the average Australian employee spends around 66 per cent of his or her day on the dollar, so it makes sense to try and keep them as happy and motivated as possible whilst they are on company time. Why?

Well, the same source states that just a meagre 25 per cent of Australian staff are actively engaged in their work. From here, it’s all downhill, with another quarter of the Aussie workforce disengaged in their tasks. The final 50 per cent are just doing enough to get by.

This is something that we at Fire Up Corporate Fitness would like to change, and we’re sure that Australia’s managers, CEO’s, bosses and team leaders would say the same!

Building team spirit via the magic of corporate fitness

Our corporate fitness classes in Sydney are a great way to build a solid sense of team morale in the workplace. When your employees are getting fit together in Hyde Park or the Domain, they may not realise it, but a great sense of camaraderie is being steadily fostered.

What’s more, your band of employees will be more at ease when it comes communicating with one another, and will more readily look to solve problems together.

In many offices across the nation, it’s fair to say that several employees may not even know the names of fellow staff that work in a different department. When working out with Fire Up Corporate Fitness, we’ll help your employees familiarise themselves with other that they may not otherwise have interacted with – which can only spell good news for your business.

Did you know that, on average, a professional sports team, such as the New South Wales Waratahs, can spend up to 95 per cent of their time practising team skills, rather than focusing on individual ability?

Conversely, the average business team allocate a paltry five per cent of the time on the same thing. Of course, both the Waratahs and any given business team are expected to achieve the same end goal – to win or succeed. Who has the better chance?

Smells like team spirit, Fire Up style

When your team embarks on a fitness regime with Fire Up, you won’t simply be getting healthier, slimmer and more active employees in return. Aside from the aforementioned self-confidence and newly developed communication skills, your employees will enjoy the stress-reducing effects that just a short round of exercise can bring about.

What’s more, when members of your staff overcome physical challenges that they never thought previously possible, they’ll enjoy an enormous sense of wellbeing that can filter through to the world of work.

What does this mean for your company? Well, if an employee can successfully conquer a seemingly insurmountable objective out in Sydney’s parks, then there is no reason as to why this cannot be applied to previously overwhelming tasks in the workplace.

If you feel that your company’s morale could do with a timely boost, or could benefit from a healthy burst of team-based exercise, get in touch with Fire Up Corporate Fitness today. We can show you, in greater detail, just how our corporate fitness classes in Sydney can aid your employees which, in turn can lead to greater productivity and a much happier place to clock in each day!