Personal Training Services

Regardless of your age, gender, fitness or job position, there isn’t a bad time to start participating in a Fire Up Corporate Fitness program with your colleagues.

Located in two handy central Sydney CBD locations – Hyde Park and The Domain – corporate training can occur either before, during or after work. This ensures that however busy your day is, you and your team can step outside the office, breath in some clean fresh air and enjoy an interactive training program.

However, there is a real difference to working with Fire Up Corporate Fitness than just heading out on your lunch break by yourself. Read on to find out why having your personal training services specialised with us can help your overall physical wellbeing, as well as your mental health.

Breaking down corporate barriers

Of course, one of the major benefits of training as part of a work group are the social advantages. At a Fire Up Corporate Fitness class, there is no boss, senior management team or humble employee – everyone is working together on the same level to meet their various fitness goals and objectives.

This is certainly one of the reasons why we provide matching fitness clothing. The entire team looks the same, feels the same and interacts without the sometimes high corporate barriers.

At the end of the day, if people from different positions, backgrounds and agendas can freely chat during a fitness session, this can be replicated back in the office environment – a real competitive advantage.

Group fitness – good for mental health

Whilst it is great to train with people who you work with, research suggests that simply participating in a group can have benefits all on its own. As well as peer encouragement to get you through tough sessions and rainy days, it often brings out our competitive streak – we always to want to do better than the people around us.

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own personal goals, but nobody wants to let the team down or not try their best throughout the program. As part of a group, there is a level of accountability that helps each member of the team remain focused and dedicated to completing the training.

Measuring results

Another difference between training on your own and part of a supervised and organised group is the accuracy of measuring your results. At Fire Up Corporate Fitness, we take pride in our attention to detail to personal results and passing this information onto each client.

Over the course of any training program, our certified personal trainers take various measurements of fitness in order to both motivate greater performance and evaluate the effectiveness of the program. This could involve weight loss, muscle strength, endurance or any other fitness goal outlined at the beginning.

Essentially, this is all part of the personal touch. Our personal trainers care about your progress as well as the group’s and understanding how people are progressing will help shape the direction of the rest of the program and into the future. If elements of the program aren’t working, then the necessary adjustments can be made.

Nutrition – the right fuel for your body

When training alone, it is very easy to fall off the wagon such as sneaking a chocolate bar while at your desk after a tiring session. However, with the help of Fire Up Corporate Fitness, we will make sure your body has the right fuel after working out at the park.

Part of our personal training service is providing a nutritious meal for you and your colleagues prepared by a professional chef. Thanks to our partners at Taste, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a well balanced, fresh and delicious lunch or breakfast as part of our Corporate Fitness sessions.

While exercising and training is great for the body, this must be complemented with the right food. At Fire Up Corporate Fitness, we hope to educate and help on both fronts. Of course, the lessons around good eating and nutrition need to be replicated away from the training program so we wish that this unique service has a positive effect on people’s lives.

Additionally, eating together is a great social activity, building on the bonds established during the session. Take the opportunity to get to know your colleagues more and reap the benefits of these relationships back in the office environment.

Training as a group has a number of significant advantages over working on your own. As well as having fun with your team, there is the chance to know how far you can push yourself towards set goals.

If you would like more information about our Personal Training Services, feel free to get in touch with our team today.